Some words from Hank.

19 Sep

Hank wanted to say some things to his adoring fans.  He has a rather large head these days.. and not only physically!  He asked me to type for him though, as he can’t spell very well.  If you haven’t read about Hank yet you should read first. 

Hank here.  I figured that since my Chelsea Mom gets to write about me.. I should get to say some things myself.  Only fair eh? 

I’m a little concerned that she will edit everything I say.  I have a hard time seeing on that hard piece of paper so I have no idea if she’s actually writing what I want.  If she says anything about me stealing socks, snoring in my sleep, or that accident I had in the house the other day you should know she’s lying. 

First off, I wish that my foster mom and dad would listen when I try to tell them my past.  I look at them, and try to tell them what my life has been like, but they just make cooing noises at me and rub my ears.   Then I forget what I’m trying to say.  OR they bring out what they call “Treats” and I lose all control of my thoughts.  I GOTTA GET THAT “TREAT”!

Anyways, if they only knew my story then they’d understand why I am SOOOO excited to sit on the couch!  Or even better their laps on the couch.  Sometimes they tell me “Sitting on the couch is a privilege not a right” but I usually pretend I don’t hear them (He He).   They’d also understand why I get so excited about those hard white plastic things that taste like chicken.  I also like balls, and stuffed toys; pretty much all toys.  Chelsea Mom says I’m like a puppy sometimes!  I just think it’s more fun that way. 

Chelsea Mom and Dad Gene are teaching me to sit.  They think I don’t know how to do it. But I DO!  I’m just so much shorter than my foster brothers that if I sit I’m way farther away from the “treats” than they are! 

MMMM.  “Treats”. 

I digress.

There are some things I DON’T like and I think Mom Chelsea and Dad Gene should fix these issues right away.     

The hair dryer.  It’s unnatural to have hot wind!

The vacuum cleaner.  Does she need to chase me with it?

When my foster brothers don’t want to play with me.

When my foster brothers sit on me!  What do I look like, some chump?

Dog Pile.

When foster mom doesn’t let me eat tissue paper.  I tried to tell her I was making art for her, but she didn’t care. 

Really tall beds. – I can’t even get ON foster mom and dad’s bed.  I keep suggesting that they get a new one and they say “What do you think, Hank, money grows on trees?” (Those green leafs look an awful lot like money to me..)

I think that’s about it.  I’m a pretty happy kid.  I like love and snuggles.  I like belly rubs, wiggling, and I like to play. Chelsea Mom may be right about the snoring thing, I really like to make fun noises.  I guess I don’t even really mind when my foster brothers sit on me.  It can be nice in a dog pile. 

So, I’d have to say I’m a pretty lucky boy to come off the streets to a family that feeds me, lets me sleep on the furniture, takes me for walks, and gives me lots of love!  

Chelsea Mom keeps telling me that some family is going to steal me away from her someday and make me their own!  She says she’s going to cry and miss me SO much, but that I will LOVE my new family.  I don’t want to make Chelsea Mom cry, but I do SO want a family of my own.  When the time comes I’ll give Chelsea Mom kisses to make her feel better, and then I’ll wiggle my butt away with my NEW FAMILY.  Stay tuned, I hope it’s soon!


2 Responses to “Some words from Hank.”

  1. maryann September 24, 2012 at 7:48 pm #

    How can I contact you to set up a meeting to adopt him?

    • pittiesforyourthoughts September 25, 2012 at 9:49 am #

      Hello Maryann!
      go to and tell them you wish to meet Hank. You can get an email address from there, or fill out an application. Once you’ve spoken with them they will call me to arrange some time to meet!

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