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Dear Santa

11 Dec


Dear Santa,

 My Chelsea-Mom told me I could use her computer to write you a letter.  She told me that if I send you my wish list my wishes jus might come trues!

 This is my first Christmas.  I am spending the holidays with my foster family because I don’t have a real family yet, so this year I’z wishing for my Forever Family.

 If you could send me a Forever Family who likes to hike and walk, likes to play outside, likes to snuggle on the couch and would give me lotz of nummies and chewies that would be great.  (Chelsea-Mom says I can’t have LOTZ.. but I can wish right??) 

 Maybe you could send me a family that has some of those yummy bones laying around, and someone for me to play tug with. 


 Chelsea-Mom says it’z a lot to ask, but if you could send me a family that will let me sleep in bed I’d really appreeci-ate it. 

 If you send me a Forever Family I promise to put up with costumes and jackets.  I will learn how to walk on that rope thing and I will always do my dogly duty and hand out kisses.  I will try not to potty in the house and I will try not to eat things. 

 I’m not too picky.. I love having siblings to play with but I’d love having a family all to myself too.  I love having children to play with, but I would be contents to be a solo man or woman’s best friend. 


 I feel bad wishing to leave my foster family behind, but this year, this puppy’s only wish is a Forever Home. 

 I hope you get this Santa, it makes me sad to keep waiting!

Merry Christmas,



My Christmas Wish

8 Dec

This Christmas I am wishing for a day when Pitbull-type dogs won’t need such a strong, passionate, and united fan base to try and protect them from the judgement, discrimination, hatred and abuse that they suffer.

I wish that I was around when Pitbull-type dogs were considered “Nanny-dogs”.


Photo taken from blog.– See some wonderful old photos of Pitbulls with children!

I wish that I didn’t have to constantly explain why I love them so much.

I wish that I didn’t have nightmares about big headed, sad-eyed dogs with their ears torn off and broken limbs that will never be treated.


Noah, a bait dog rescued by Lucky Dog Rescue in Meridian, MS.

I wish that I had never heard the word “bait dog” Believe me, you don’t want any pictures.– Don’t know what a bait dog is? Read about it here.

I wish I could forget the story about a dog fighter who, instead of just killing a losing pitbull, shot the dog repeatedly with a bb gun until he died.

Do you know how many bb’s it would take to kill a 60 pound dog??

I wish that there were no people cruel enough to take an animal, whos purpose in life is to be loyal and loving, and force it to live alone on a chain with a collar that will eventually embed into it’s neck.


Rudy, a dog rescued by the founder of Lucky Dog Rescue in Meridian, MS

I wish that the media would stop using “Pitbull attacks” as a way to get readers and viewers.

There are many issues with the media’s portrayal of “Pitbull attacks” starting with the fact that they identify many different breeds as “Pitbulls” (keep in mind this isn’t even a breed..) and the fact that “Pitbull” attacks are reported in more newspapers and on more news stations than a non-“Pitbull” attack.

I wish people could look at the facts about Breed Specific Legislation.

It’s expensive, it creates a situation where less quality dog owners are the only ones with Pitbull type dogs, and doesn’t lower the number of bites in an area.

I wish that people could be as loyal and forgiving as dogs are.  I’m clearly a Pitbull supporter, but ALL dogs deserve better.

This is my wish.


Snuggles on Sundays

4 Dec

This is my attempt at a “Wordless” Wednesday post.. even though it is Tuesday. 

My favorite day of the week is Sunday.  It is the only day that both my husband and I have off so we typically get a lot more time with the dogs than any other day. 

There’s something so precious about dogs in snuggle mode.  They curl up in teeny balls, or wind together in the most precious positions and I don’t know about yours, but mine turn in to limp noodles.  They will be my pillow or my leg warmer. They will be little spoon or lay completely on top of me.  They aren’t too picky.  

Here are some snuggle photos from Sunday.

Mylo curled up.

Mylo curled up.

Chase curled up.

Chase curled up.

Sophie and Chase.  So cute.

Sophie and Chase. So cute.

Sophie and Mylo.

Sophie and Mylo.

Sophie and Chase again.

Sophie and Chase again.

I was very foolish to believe that it would be easier to give up a foster puppy that it is to give up adult fosters.  Look at her sweetness.  She’s pretty much irresistable, even to Mylo and Chase.

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