One Step at a Time

17 Jan

Last Thursday we got the official bad news about Sophie. We all expected it but we were naivly hoping that she’d come around and realize that she’d been wrong about her new dad. Unfortunately this just wasn’t the case. Last Saturday Sophie went back in to foster care. What really makes this bad news is that she didn’t come back to US.

The director of Minnesota Pitbull Rescue and myself both agreed that it may not be in Sophie’s best interest to come back to my house if we cannot keep her forever. Sophie is clearly comfortable around our dogs, but we need to see if she can be comfortable in other situations. A huge benefit of her new foster home is that it is in the Twin Cities, which is where most of the MPBR events are held. ( I am over 2 hours away from most of the events). Going to the different MPBR events should really help Sophie adjust to new and different environments. She will have opportunities to socialize with other puppies but will have more chances to learn to be confident on her own. We’re hoping to see if Sophie has any actual socialization issues or if the way she felt about her dad was a one time thing related strictly to him. Since she never showed any nervousness at our house we felt like it’d be best to try her somewhere else.

This was very painful for me. I would have taken her back in a heartbeat and it kills me to know that she’s so happy at our house and we didn’t let her come back here. I know it’s for her own good, but it’s so hard for me not to feel guilty that I’m not just keeping her at our house.

I’m hoping that once she gains some confidence she will find somewhere new that she will be JUST as happy as she was at our house. I’m also impatiently waiting for some updates about how she’s doing at her new foster’s house. Stay tuned, I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything!


2 Responses to “One Step at a Time”

  1. Marcela January 17, 2013 at 2:19 pm #

    I hope Sophie finds her forever home soon. I’ve realized one thing after having my own dogs and pet sitting for other people and that is that you have to find the right dog for the right household. Whether this is because of the amount of activity level of the dog and that of the humans, too many people, not enough time, etc., and a lot more factors that’d take me too long to name. I do understand that you are worried, I’d be too, but let’s hope that Sophie finds her forever pet parents very soon:)

  2. Laura Bruner January 17, 2013 at 4:15 pm #

    I am sorry to hear she is back in foster care, but it was so good of you to put her needs first. I am just sad that it is so hard for all parties involved. I am sure that Sophie will shine once again and you will all have that happy ending you all deserve! Warm wishes and puppy prayers for you and Sophie!!!

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