On Donating Blood and Scary Vets

12 Mar

Mylo here. I’m here to tell you all about our cool experience yesterday.

A couple of days ago mom signed me and my bigger-than-me little brother Chase up to be blood donors. Did you know that dogs can be blood donors too?

"Could Your Companion Help Out Another in Need?"

“Could Your Companion Help Out Another in Need?”

Dogs need blood trans-fusions just like people do so us donating blood can save doggie lives. Mom thinks it’s cool because each blood donor gets a free exam, pre-anesthetic bloodwork, a fecal test and a 4DX test every year that they are in the donor program. Chase and I will even get paid for it and mom said we can buy whatever toys or treats we want with our moneys!

Mom said that Chase is a big scairdy-cat scairdy-dog at the vet and she thought maybe being a blood donor would give him good practices at the vet. I am NOT a scairdy-dog at the vet but mom signed me up too.

In order to be donors we had to go in to the emergency-clinic for something called “Blood Tests.” I think I’m pretty good at tests so I wasn’t nervous at all. My brother can be a little clueless sometimes so he was just excited to be in the car and get pets from strangers but mom was worried about how he’d do.

Chase waiting for his "blood tests"

Chase waiting for his “blood tests”

Ready to pass my test!

Ready to pass my test!

Mom brought us in to a room at the clinic and she filled out boring paperwork. I have never had to go to the emergency-clinic, but Chase was there once when he was younger.

All of a sudden they took Chase out of the room! I was very nervouses for him. I kept hearing him whine and cry and I got giddy and silly because I didn’t know what was going on. I could hear him behind the door, but I couldn’t see him. He went on and on whining and crying so I started to get more nervous about these “Blood Tests”. What if my Blood isn’t smarts enough? Will I get punished?

Being a goof ball..

Being a goof ball..

Looking for my buddy.

Looking for my buddy.

Chase eventually came back in to the room and they told mom that he needed a break. They told mom that he was flailing around anytime he saw the needle. She kind of laughed, because thats what he does when mom and dad try to give him pedicures. (Not like me who enjoys the snuggles that come along with getting my paw-feets pedicured).

Next they wanted to take ME out of the room! I didn’t want to go out that door so they TRICKED me and took me out a DIFFERENT door that led to the same room. The vet looked me over and said very nice things to me. Mom says that I’m a very cooperative boy and that she’s always very very proud of me, so I stayed very still even when they poked me. (It didn’t hurt THAT bad.) They said I was an “All-Star”!

I could hear Chase whining because he was nervous for me but because I wasn’t flailing around like my silly-pants brother I was done in no time and I got to go back in the room.

Chase waiting for me to return.

Chase waiting for me to return.

The vet and her nice helper told mom that I was such a good boy and that they’d love to use my blood. I thought that meant my blood was so very smart but mom said that they haven’t TESTED it yet.. they just thought IIII was so very good. We will find out in a couple of weeks how smarts my blood is. They test it for type and make sure there’s nothing wrong with it.

Next the vet and her nice helper told mom that even though they really like Chase, and he was not mean at all, he can’t be a blood donor right now because he hates needles so much. They said that Chase can come with when I donate blood and watch so that maybe he will be less ascared sometime in the future.

Although mom is bummed that Chase wouldn’t cooperate she was happy that he didn’t get mean or aggressive even though he was so unhappy. She said “I’ll take whiney and wiggly so long as he’s being nice.” Maybe I can teach him not to be so ascared.

I hope my blood tests very smart so I can earn my very own moneys to buy a new kong. Maybe I’ll even share with Chase.

Have any of you donated blood before? If you are interested ask your vet to see how you could get involved!


3 Responses to “On Donating Blood and Scary Vets”

  1. Hannah K March 13, 2013 at 4:32 am #

    Wow! I have never heard of dogs donating blood! You are so brave, Milo! and such a generous pooch! We will have to look into this and see if we have a program here!

    • pittiesforyourthoughts March 13, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

      I can’t remember where I first heard about it, but I believe most places probably have some sort of program!! Mylo is much more brave than Chase!

  2. The lesser canine May 6, 2013 at 11:06 am #

    How absolutely adorable! đŸ™‚ You are such a good person to donate blood and such a great writer too, Mylo!

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