Two and a Half Months

31 Mar


There comes a time for every foster parent when your foster has been with you for long enough that giving them to another family seems impossible. It may be a different length of time with every foster, and it may be different for every foster parent, but never-the-less it almost always happens. We have had dear, sweet Mocha for 2 1/2 months now. She was about 6 months old when we got her so she is now fast approaching adulthood. Mocha hasn’t had a real family her entire puppy life. She has been cared for, fed, played with, and snuggled with.. but she hasn’t had a real family to call her own.



With some of my fosters I have reached the point of “difficult to imagine giving you to another home” sooner, but with Mocha it really hit me at about 2 months.

I think it took a little longer with Mocha because I find it slightly easier to foster puppies. They are so young and will adjust so fast. I know that when I DO give them up they will get to spend the entire rest of their lives with their forever families and I know that they will TRULY be a part of someone’s family.

But now Mocha has lived an incredibly large portion of her life with us and she’s almost an adult. She’s happy. She’s learned the ways of our household, she loves having two big brothers to wrestle with and pick on. We have spent time with her teaching her manners and how to be a good house dog and throughout this time she has grown attached to Gene-dad and Chelsea-mom.

Playing tug with big brother Chase

Playing tug with big brother Chase

People always think that the hardest part of fostering will be giving up the dog. In most ways this is completely true (unless you consider the war on dog hair in the house harder..) but for me it’s a little different. It’s not so much that I can’t see MYSELF without my foster dog.. but instead that I feel like a terrible person forcing THEM to leave us. After two and a half months you’ve obviously bonded with this four-legged bundle of love, but YOU have been aware that they aren’t going to be a permanent member of the family. The dog has no idea.

Part of the family.

Part of the family.

Mocha doesn’t know that she won’t be here forever. She doesn’t know that we’re essentially trying to get rid of her. She can’t understand the phrase “it has to be done in order to help others.” All SHE knows is that she’s currently happy and loved, and she loves being here. It’s THIS feeling that makes it so hard for me to imagine the day that Mocha gets adopted.

Snuggling with Mylo-brother.

Snuggling with Mylo-brother.

And on that note, I can’t believe we still have Mocha. She’s the perfect little pocket-pittie. She’s a big dog wrapped up in a compact package. She’s potty trained, crate trained, sleeps all through the night, has decent manners and learns quickly. It pains me that she’s not spending these months with her forever family. They could be taking her to training classes and working on her leash skills with long walks in this beautiful spring weather. They could be creating a routine for her and telling her every day that she’s their beloved pet. Instead Gene-dad, Mylo-brother and Chase-brother are spending these incredibly important adolescent months with her. We’re happy to have her, but I’m sad that her eventual forever family is missing out on it.


If you’re interested in adopting Mocha check out her petfinder page here.


6 Responses to “Two and a Half Months”

  1. Morgan April 1, 2013 at 11:42 am #

    I absolutely feel your pain! For me, the hardest part is that you can’t explain to them that they have to leave for the greater good. It just feels like they are being given up on again, even if we know intellectually that this is not the case, it’s how our hearts feel! Chin up, whatever is meant to be will be, and if Mocha is meant to be with you, that’s ok! You are awesome and have done such a great job fostering so many dogs!

    • pittiesforyourthoughts April 18, 2013 at 12:17 pm #

      I feel like it would be SOOO much easier if they could understand that we aren’t giving up on them! Thats ALWAYS what kills me. I always know that I still have my two dogs and I’ll get another foster.. but when they come in to my house they don’t know that it’s not going to be forever. Poor little Mocha!

  2. whencrazymeetsexhaustion April 1, 2013 at 5:10 pm #

    Awwww I wished I lived closer…and had room for a third pup!!!!! Good luck to you AND Mocha!

  3. CharlieDog and Friends April 15, 2013 at 5:59 am #

    I have never seen it put that way — and that’s my greatest fear in fostering, that they will feel as though they are being handed off again. Looking forward to seeing what happens next! Loooove the Pocket Pittie! :0)

    • pittiesforyourthoughts April 18, 2013 at 12:20 pm #

      Thank you! I always have such a hard time with “handing them off”. There’s no way to make them understand that they aren’t being given up. I always just tell myself that their new forever family will make them completely forget about it tho, so here’s hoping Mocha finds hers soon!

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