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From Mocha to you.

19 Apr

mocha1My name is Mocha.
Sometimes they call me Miss Mocha or Mocha-moo.
I am what you’d call a Pocket-Pittie.
All the wonderful characteristics of a Pitbull type dog,
packed into a compact lap-dog size.

Many things in life make me happy.
I like to run and chase,
play tug-o-war and chew on bones.
I like to bounce and bound as fast as I can
whether it’s through snow or mud or just on grass.

I love rubs on my head
and kisses on my nose.
I’ll snuggle up real nice,
especially if you let me sleep in bed!

When I want your attention I’ll roll on to my back.
I don’t think you’ll resist my little pink belly.

My name is Mocha
and I’m looking for a family.
I’ve never had one before
even though I’ve hoped and wished and begged and prayed.

I’m wishing for a family that will provide me my tasty treats,
and all the snuggling I can take.
I’d like a family that wants to play,
and I pray for a family that will keep me forever.

If you take me home
and make me your own
I promise to always provide you with kisses.

Kisses for when you get home,
and kisses for when you’re sad.
Kisses when you’re happy,
and even if you’re mad.

I promise to be silly when you need to laugh,
and snuggly when you need to cry.

If you promise to take me for walks,
I will in turn promise to show you where all the good smells are.

If you make me yours I promise to be on my best behavior,
except if maybe I forget.

I promise I’ll try not to chew on things that aren’t mine,
no matter how yummy they taste.

I promise all this
and so much more.

But most of all,
I promise to love you.
All of the time.
Even if you’re mad at me,
or when you’re not home.
I promise to love you when you’ve made a mistake,
and I promise to love you no matter what you’re wearing.

I will love you unconditionally,
for the rest of my life.

Will you make my dreams come true?

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