Pitbull Information

Some wonderful Pibtull sites to check out!!

Bad Rap:  Bad Rap is an amazing rescue that played a key role in rescuing and rehabilitating the Michael Vick dogs.  They are a great place to turn for any information on Pitbull type dogs! Read up on breed history, and ways you can help!

Minnesota Pitbull Rescue and A Rotta Love Plus:  These are both Pitbull rescues in Minnesota!  They both have wonderful information on training and educating the community.

Lucky Dog Rescue: Ashley Owen of Lucky Dog Rescue is my ultimate inspiration.  Do not head to her blog without kleenex.

Understand-a-Bull: A great site for information about BSL. Breed Specific Legislation is responsible for the deaths of innocent Pitbull type dogs in many places. Your hometown could be next.  Make sure that BSL wont affect you and see how we can go about changing these legislations.


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